Thursday, December 09, 2021


If you have found or need to surrender a pet, please call us at 810-987-4357


Please note, we are not legally allowed to accept wildlife. If you have found injured or abandoned wildlife, please do not touch or handle the animal.

Call us for information on local wildlife rehabilitators.



  The Spay/Neuter Certificate entitles your companion animal to a partial payment towards a spay/neuter procedure with a participating veterinarian.  You are responsible for the balance of the procedure and costs of vaccinations and/or medications the veterinarian deems necessary.   You must have the Certificate before the surgery.  

            DOGS:   Female - $90 Certificate               Male -  $80 Certificate          

 CATS:     Female - $85 Certificate               Male - $60 Certificate

 TO QUALIFY : You must be a resident of St. Clair County, have  Picture I.D. and Proof of income. 

 Annual Income Guidelines as follows: Family of:

One     ~      Two      ~       Three      ~      Four       ~         Five     ~        Six            

$24,120      $32,480        $40,840        $48,200           $57,560       $65,920         


For more info and to apply for Certificate call: 810-987-4357 

 Blue Water Area Humane Soc. -  6266 Lapeer, Clyde, MI 48049  ~ Fax: 810-987-1307  ~ 


We do not have a Veterinarian on staff.

Please call your local Veterinary office if your pet is ill or in need of treatments, surgeries or vaccinations.

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